Features and substantive provisions of the new Law "About archival business" in Republic Uzbekinstan


Annotation / Аннотация
The article contains comparative analysis of rules of law of the new Law of Republic Uzbekistan «About archival business», accepted in May 2010. The major norms of the new Law define the competence of state structures in the field of archival business, acquisition, the account, storage and use of documents of National archival fund. The law regulates interaction of archival bodies, establishments and the organizations regarding statement of office-work, creation and the organization of work of departmental archives.
В статье содержится сопоставительный анализ правовых норм нового Закона Республики Узбекистан «Об архивном деле», принятого в мае 2010 гг., и утратившего силу Закона «Об архивах» от 15 марта 1999 г. Важнейшие нормы нового Закона определяют компетенцию государственных органов в области архивного дела, комплектования, учета, хранения и использования документов Национального архивного фонда. Закон регулирует взаимодействие архивных органов, учреждений и организаций в части постановки делопроизводства, создания и организации работы ведомственных архивов.

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The Law on archival business, Republic Uzbekistan, National Archival Fund of Republic Uzbekistan, archives, documents, safety, the account and use of archival documents, departmental archives, office-work. Закон об архивном деле, Республика Узбекистан, Национальный архивный фонд Республики Узбекистан, архивы, документы, сохранность, учет и использование архивных документов, ведомственные архивы, делопроизводство.

On June, 15, 2010 the President of Republic Uzbekistan signed the new Law of Republic Uzbekistan “About archival business”. It is necessary to notice that fact that over the last ten years in legislative base of Russian archival service there were cardinal changes. In particular, on March, 15, 1999 the first has been accepted in the history of archival business of republic the law “About archives” and a number bylaw certificates, called to answer increasing scientific, cultural political interests, and also queries of a civil society. However social and economic development of the country, growth of requirement of a society in reception of the operative information, perfection of service of office-work and archival business, by means of introduction in activity of the organizations, the enterprises, establishments of modern information technology shows necessity of entering of cardinal changes and additions for legal regulation of the specified spheres.

Today as practice of realization of the law of Republic Uzbekistan «About archives» has shown, it is required to find answers to modern realities of a formed civil society with market economy bases, inviolability of a private property and free information streams. In this connection, instead of the law “About archives”, the arch which was in the form most the general of legal installations, it was expedient to develop the new law, with more detailed reflection of questions of the organization of archival business and office work service.

Following basic additions and innovations have been made to the new law of Republic Uzbekistan “About archival business”:
The law structure is completely reconsidered and expanded. The new law consists of 6 heads (General provisions, the government in the field of archival business, National archival fund, creation of archives, acquisition, the account, storage and use of archival documents, final provisions) and 36 articles (the Law “About archives” without heads from 21 articles). In the working out the current state of archival business and republic office-work, and also the requirement of legislative technics are considered.

The most important that the law “About archival business” is developed by a principle of indissoluble coherence of sphere of office-work and archival business. As a whole, the new law of Republic Uzbekistan “About archival business” is directed on the further strengthening of legal base of functioning of archival establishments of republic, maintenance of timely replenishment, the account and storages of archival documents, and also settlement of access and use of archival sources.

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