Trotsky efforts for ex-generals M.M. Zagyu and S.M. Yazykov release (1919)


Ganin A.V.

Trotsky efforts for ex-generals M.M. Zagyu and S.M. Yazykov release (1919)


In article on the basis of RGVA, GARF documents and archive of Guver institute, in the majority for the first time entered into a scientific turn, cases of two ex-generals M. Zagyu and S. Yazykov, arrested in 1919 according to the order of the national commissioner of mails and telegraphs V. Podbelsky is analysed. The course of investigation and its results is considered. Conclusions of rather unprecedented case of release of persons under investigation and their appointment to responsible posts in RKKA therefore one of persons involved in business ran to the white are drawn.


Historical source, archive, Civil war in Russia, Red Army, military experts, repression, V. Lenin, L. Trotsky, V. Podbelsky, M. Zagyu and S. Yazykov, military messages

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