Spanish on service of Russia: Alexander Mikhailovich Espekho

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Kinshin V.V.

Spanish on service of Russia: Alexander Mikhailovich Espekho


Biographical research of the life one of the last descendants in Russia the spanish noble family Espekho, graduate of the Imperial Alexandrovsky Lyceum - Alexander Mikhailovich Espekho, the grandson of Migel Espekho, a disciple and companion of Augustine Betancourt. The main attention is given to the study of activities А.M. Espekho in different social, orthodox and charitable organizations. The fate А.M. Espekho is a characteristic example of the fates many graduates of the Lyceum, his contemporaries.


Mikhail Mikhailovich Espekho, Alexander Mikhailovich Espekho, Imperial Alexandrovsky Lyceum, the ministry of internal affairs, Penza’s province, charitable donations

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