Tsar’s granddaughter – Duchess Irina Alexandrovna

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Dolgova S.R.

Tsar’s granddaughter – Duchess Irina Alexandrovna


The article is devoted to Princess Irina Alexandrovna. She was one of mysterious and insufficiently known person of the House of Romanov. Granddaughter of Alexander III and niece of Nicholas II was born in family of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna and Grand Duke Alexander Mihailovich. In 1914 she was married an Felix Yusupov. He was one of richest young man in Russia. His family was very close to Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna and they tried to convince Empress Alexandra Feodorovna that Rasputin influence is fatal. Doubtless, Irina Alexandrovna share they ideas. She was a lure on which pecked Rasputin. He was killed in house on the Moyka River.


The House of Romanov, Yusupov family, Duchess Irina Alexandrovna, Grigori Rasputin

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