The emperor Alexander I in the memoirs of University of Dorpat professor G.F. Parrot

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Zharova E.Yu.

The emperor Alexander I in the memoirs of University of Dorpat professor G.F. Parrot


The personality of the Emperor Alexander I was always attractive to historians. At the beginning of his reign the important reforms have been implemented, including the reform of education, in the result of which every University of Russian Empire received its own Statute. An important role in the organization of the main postulates of the Statute of University of Dorpat (1803), which were subsequently included in the statutes of the Russian universities in 1804 (Moscow, Kharkov and Kazan) and formed the basis of University autonomy, Professor Georg Friedrich Parrot played. He personally met with the Emperor Alexander I and corresponded with him for a long time. Part of remaining memories of the Professor was published by Friedrich Binemann in German in 1902, but in the Russian historiography this source is used very rarely and fragmentary. These memories have formed the basis for the reconstruction of the whole picture of the relationship of Dorpat Professor and Russian Emperor at the beginning of his reign. On the basis Georg Friedrich Parrot’s memories we can understand the distinctiveness of the educational policy of the Emperor Alexander, and envisage his image in the perception of scientist. Other memories of contemporaries were used to better demonstration the personality of the Emperor Alexander.


Personal sources, Emperor Alexander I, image, perception, public opinion, education policy

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