Victorin Arefyev – the first socialist-revolutionarist in Vyatka’s region

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Masyutin A.S.,

Kirov, Russian Federation

Victorin Arefyev – the first socialist-revolutionarist in Vyatka’s region


The purpose of this article is an attempt to highlight the major biographical milestones of the revolutionary populist V.S. Arefyev (1874—1901). Some similar attempts were made in 1930s, including the trial by Maxim Gorky, however, these attempts were limited only to small sketches. During his short life Arefyev have combined journalistic activities in liberal publications as nationwide and provincial values (Saratov , Nizhny Novgorod, Vyatka , Irkutsk) with socialist propaganda among the peasants. Identified as the author of the article, Arefyev became a pioneer of a new round of the revolutionary movement in Vyatka in the middle of the 1890s. In consequence, the main focus of the content of the article made an attempt to create the leadership of Arefyev in Vyatka’s underground circles and spread the same illegal literature there. It’s characteristically, the first historian of the Socialist Revolutionary Party S.N. Sletov had correlated revival of the revolutionary movement in the Vyatka region in the late 19 century, also with Arefyev. Arefyev is repeatedly exposed and links and imprisoned for his anti—government activities that significantly undermined his health and led to an early demise. In the article takes the reasons for the material and moral nature, what leads Arefev to the revolutionary struggle against Tsarism. The text of this biographical sketch is analyzes Arefev’s correspondence in print as an example of an influential authority notes Russian Populism legal journal "Russian Wealth". The article also discusses a personal Arefev’s connection with the largest figures in the end of 19 century in Russian literature (A.M. Gorky) and politic (J.O. Martov) and, in general, the opposition environment in which was revolved Arefyev in Vyatka and Siberia. The article is given place and criticized the Arefyev’s views on national relations between russian and native peoples of Siberia, the views whose marching against the generally accepted theory of the Socialist—Revolutionaries.


Saratov, Vyatka, narodniki (populists), The S.R. party, SR, “Iskra”.

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