Finding documental data on general Kivekas’ participation in World War I

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Hudonazarov Davlatnazar,

Moscow, Russian Federation

Finding documental data on general Kivekas’ participation in World War I


The article throws light on military operations at the South-Western Front near villages of Balamutovka and Rzhavenicy in April, 1915, during World War I, in which Colonel E.K. Kivekas, the 1st Mountain Artillery Division commander, displayed gallantry and heroism. The article draws on the documents from the archives of Kivekas’s heirs in Finland. The archival data used in the article highlights the military operations, as well as the procedure of recommending Colonel E.K. Kiveks to the Order of St. George of the IV class. In the 1960s the war of 1914, obscured by the Second World War, was little-known. The official ideologists did not want to broach the subject. For many years E.K. Kivekas served in Pamir in the M.E. Ionov's expeditionary unit that liberated Pamir of Afgan oppressors, which he joined in 1893. Three yeas later, in 1896, he became commander of the Khorog post, a year later (in 1897) he continued his service as the head of the Pamir exchange detachment, and then in 1905 was posted there for the third time. Overall he spent 7,5 years in this post. He took up the office in1897 in the rank of sub-lieutenant and 11 years later (in 1908) concluded his service in Pamir in the rank of lieutenant colonel. Kivekas spent 20 years in Asia, and more than 9 of them on the "roof of the world" (that's what Pamir was called). He spoke good Tadjik, Uzbek and Shughni and knew well the culture and traditions of the montane peoples. They treated him with great respect and in time his name became legendary. In2013 a small street in the Pamir district centre of Khogost and a hotel on the river Pyandj were named from General Edward Kiveks.


Source, General Kivekas, World War I, the village of Balamutovka, Knight Commanders of the St. George’s Order, Pamir detachment.

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