She Who Has Devoted All Her Life to Archives: The 80th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Archivist Stefka Petkova

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Khorkhordina T.I.,

Moscow, Russian Federation

She Who Has Devoted All Her Life to Archives: The 80th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Archivist Stefka Petkova


The article analyses scientific works of an outstanding Bulgarian archivist Stefka Petkova. It assesses all stages of her creative and professional activity and reviews her educational, research and pedagogical endeavours. It contends that S. Petkova has made a great contribution to the development of the archives in Bulgaria, as well as to the world archival science. The scholar’s research on the technique of the differentiation between the principles of document classification, appraisal, scientific analysis and technical processing is very important and topical for contemporary archival science. S. Petkova has defined the perspectives of information classification development and contributed to the elaboration of the issues of document description when cataloguing them; she has also contributed to the problems of archival terminology and the procedures of finding aids compiling. The specific feature of her creative methodology is the anthropological approach to the investigation of the history of archives. S. Petkova has made a well-reasoned conclusion that adherence to the principle of the respect for the integrity of an archival fond might serve as a safe basis for mutual understanding between historians and archivists in the cause of the preservation of historical and documentary heritage. Being a representative of Bulgaria in the International Council of Archives, Stefka Petkova has done much to promote the inclusion of the Bulgarian archives in the world information system and to foster the international cooperation of archivists.


Archives, archival science, Stefka Petkova, anniversary, Bulgarian archivist and researcher, contribution to the development of archival science, the Central Board of Archives of Bulgaria, the International Council of Archives.

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