Problems of local history, archivistics and archeography on the pages of ”Herald of the Voronezh archivist”

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Allenova V.A., Voronezh, Russian Federation

Problems of local history, archivistics and archeography on the pages of ”Herald of the Voronezh archivist”


The article analyzes the problems of local history, source studies, records management, archivistics, study of early texts, reflected on the pages of the last five editions of the scientific-information Yearbook "Herald of the Voronezh archivist" (Vol. 6-10, 2008-2012), published by the Department of culture and archival business of the Voronezh region and regional branch of the Russian society of historians-archivists. The purpose of the article is to analyse the contribution of the Voronezh historians and archivists in the development of regional studies in the above areas for the five-year period and in the generalization of the practical experience of the Voronezh archives for the acquisition, the introduction of advanced information technologies, development of scientific-reference device, preservation of archival documents and their popularization, as well as cooperation of archivists with universities, institutions and public organizations of the region. In addition, the article focuses on the events of the scientific and public life of the city, which Voronezh archivists either initiate or take a direct participation. These include scientific conferences and round tables as international level, which proves the growing interest of foreign colleagues to regional documentary heritage, and regional. As a result of the analysis of the publications of the last five editions of "Herald of the Voronezh archivist", the author came to the conclusion significant representativeness research and information Yearbook, as well as that from release to release there is a tendency to increase the volume of publications and the expansion of their problems, the introduction into the scientific circulation of new documents from the funds of Voronezh and the Central archives.


Local history, source study, records management, archivistics, archeography, Voronezh, archive, archivist, source.

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Allenovа Valeriya Alekseevna, PhD in history, associate professor, Voronezh state University, Voronezh, Russian Federation, 8-950-770-22-36, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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