The Crimean military schools 1920-1929

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Annotation / Аннотация

During the Civil war in Russia and the exodus of the White army together with it some military schools emigrated. Part of them settled in Yugoslavia. Russian military schools were recreated there, among them the Crimean military schools.

В ходе Гражданской войны в России и исхода Белой армии вместе с ней эмигрировали и некоторые кадетские корпуса. Часть из них оказалась в Югославии. Там были воссозданы российские кадетские корпуса, в том числе и Крымский кадетский корпус.

Keywords / Ключевые слова

Civil war, White army, military schools, Crimea, State commission, education, upbringing.

Гражданская война, Белая армия, кадетский корпус, Крым, Державная комиссия, образование, воспитание.

In spring 1920 it was decided to evacuate military schools from Vladikavkaz to Crimea. It was decided to realize the evacuation through georgian harbors.

23 March 1920 cadets from military schools arrived to Kutaisi. Georgian authorities did not render any help. Cadets were placed into prisoner-of-war camps, behind barbed wire. Georgian authorities compelled cadets to eat only bad food that they took out from Vladikavkaz. 9 June 1920 cadets arrived to Crimea by steamboat “Kyzil Arvat”. Unit of military schools and cadets was an immediate success on their arrival. This united corps was quartered in Oreand (Yalta).

Cadets from this new united military school were hunger, their nutrition were bad organized. Cadets were forced to cell everything to buy some food.

From the beginning of the year 1920 till the abolishment of Crimean military school cadets survived in the three evacuations (Kutaisi, Crimea, Serbia).

2009 it was passed 80 years from the day of the abolishment of Crimean military school. In memory of the Crimean military school was named central square of White Church – The Square of Russian Cadets. This memory are keeping offspring of Crimean cadets V.N. Filimonova and V.N. Kastelyanov.

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