Documents of State archive of Tomsk region containing biographical information about the participants of World War I

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Shulga T.V.,

Tomsk, Russian Federation

Documents of State archive of Tomsk region containing biographical information about the participants of World War I


The author of the article is an attempt to identify the most complete information about the participants of the World War I in the documents of the State Archive of the Tomsk region, for this the documents of archival funds were viewed for the period from 1914 to 1918. As a result of this work the author has prepared a review of documentary sources archive. The article indicates the name funds, inventory number, name and number of archival files, which contain information about Siberians mobilized into the army, given the general characteristics of documentary sources, the main types of documents, listing the information they contain: name lists of recruits, award lists, track records, documents on the appointment of pensions to servicemen and benefits their families. Documents allow us to determine the surname, first name, middle name, age, religion, place of residence soldier, military rank and place of service of recruits, sometimes the documents contain information about the award, the number of the military unit, in case of injury – the type and severity of injuries. The conducted research will allow to facilitate search of data on participants of World War I for users archival information.


World War I, mobilization, lists of recruits, military unit, the wounded, award, benefits, prisoners of war.

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Shulga Tatiana Vladimirovna, chief archaeographer, Regional state institution «State Archives of the Tomsk Region», Tomsk, Russian Federation, 8–913–806–99–55, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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