Organization problems of interdepartmental exchange of electronic documents

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Аннотация / Annotation
В статье анализируются современные тенденции межведомственного информационного взаимодействия, ключевые проблемы и принципы организации межведомственного электронного документооборота (МЭД). Рассматривается практическая реализация данных положений на примере проекта создания системы МЭД для федеральных органов исполнительной власти РФ.
This article is devoted to the analysis of contemporary trends in interdepartmental informational interaction. It is describing key problems and principles of interdepartmental exchange of electronic documents. The Federal «MEDO» project is considered as an example of practical realization.

Ключевые слова / Keywords
Государственная программа «Информационное общество (2011-2020 годы)», межведомственное информационное взаимодействие, межведомственный электронный документооборот (МЭД), Единый портал государственных услуг, Общероссийский государственный информационный центр (ОГИЦ), автоматизированная система управления документами (АСУД).
State Program «The Information Society (2011-2020)», interdepartmental informational interaction, interdepartmental exchange of electronic documents, Integrated state services portal, The All-Russian State Informational Center, electronic record management system (ERMS).

Now in Russia within the limits of construction of "the electronic government” large state projects are realized at once some. For experts in management of documents, certainly, the particular interest represents the project of creation of system of interdepartmental electronic document circulation for federal enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation. Creation of such system will allow uniting diverse control systems used in various state structures of documents in uniform information field. The decision of similar problems allows to leave on qualitatively new level of application of electronic documents in activity of state structures. In turn, legalization and practical introduction of electronic forms of interdepartmental interaction should lead to serious improvements in processes of execution of the state functions and rendering of services to citizens and the organizations.

Problems of the organization of interdepartmental information interaction have important practical value for experts of branch of management of documents and archives. For the first time for federal enforcement authorities obligatory presence of the information systems providing creation, processing and storage of electronic documents of department is established. Today to it possibility of an electronic exchange by documents with other authorities by connection to system of interdepartmental electronic document circulation is added also. Now the circle of the departments participating in the project, and also the nomenclature of documents, an exchange with which extends will be carried out in the electronic form. By each kind of documents transition to an electronic exchange is carried out stage by stage. At first the technology of an electronic exchange is fulfilled at preservation paper then sending of paper documents stops.
In the future actions for expansion of functionality of electronic interaction of departments also are planned.

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