Genealogy of the merchant dynasty Zaitovs

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Annotation / Аннотация
In this article are the main periods of life of the genealogy of the merchant dynasty of the Zaitovs reviewed. The Zaitovs belonged to the number of the greatest Tatar merchant family names in Vyatka region. On the basis of rich material of authentic published and non-published sources the genealogy of this stock is revealed, characteristic of the activity of the most brilliant and outstanding personalities is presented, the life of some contemporary representatives of the dynasty is described.
В статье на основе опубликованных и неопубликованных исторических источников восстанавливается генеалогия купеческой династии Заитовых - крупнейшей татарской купеческой фамилии Вятской губернии, дается характеристика деятельности наиболее ярких и выдающихся персоналий, описывается жизнь некоторых современных представителей династии.

Keywords / Ключевые слова
Genealogy, genealogical, dynasty, trade-enterprising activity, public activity, philanthropy. Генеалогия, род, династия, купечество, торгово-предпринимательская деятельность, общественная деятельность, благотворительность.

Genealogy questions always entered into a circle of scientific interests of researchers. It is interesting to researchers to study activity of celebrated personalities and surnames. To number of one of the Tatar surnames of Viatka province most ancient and widely known to contemporaries the dynasty of the Zaitovs belonged.Zaitovs roots leave in XVII century. The dynasty founder considers Sarmanaj which have moved in XVII century in village Barzhy Omga. In XVII century it was a part of the Kingdom Kazan, in XVIII. Many long years descendants of Sarmanaj continued to live in this district. Zaitovs were the outstanding and formed people. They were deeply believing people. Many of them have devoted themselves to religion and education. The beginning of this family tradition was put by Zagit Muhsinovich. It was the mullah. At his life spiritual career was chosen by one of sons of Gajnelhazik (1801-?). Subsequently Gajnelhaziks - Sibgatulla (1827-1892) and Galjautdin (1872-?) became mullahs in native village Kadrali. In total in six generations of a dynasty eight persons were mullahs. Fattahitdin Zaitov (1883-?) was the thin philosopher and the poet. Merchants of the second guild concerned number of the most outstanding representatives of the given dynasty brothers of Ahmat-Shakir (1857-1931) and Shigabutdin (1853-?) Zaitovs. Zaitov brothers were engaged in active public and trading-enterprise activity till 1917. Last period of life of merchants of Zaitovs is recreated under oral certificates of Shamil Mirzievich Zaitov. Shamil Mirzievich lives in Kazan. According to a family tree of a family it is the great-grandson of the senior from Zaitov brothers. Shamil Zaitov continues traditions of family enterprise business and successfully is engaged in business. He is interested in history. Throughout many years it collects various documents and memoirs. With coming to power of Bolsheviks and the beginning Civil wars Ahmat-Shakir Zaitov has decided to leave Russia. Together with sons it has gone to Crimea therefrom to departure to Turkey. But they couldn't. To sit down on a steamship. Then Ahmat-Shakir has decided to leave to China. On the journey the merchant and one of his sons were ill with a typhus and have been compelled to descend from a train. Exhausted by a serious illness and hunger, Ahmat-Shakir lay in one of hospitals in the Far East, and only fatal meeting with the fellow countryman has helped them to return to Kazan. By means of Shamilja Zaitova it was possible to recreate a bright and picturesque image of merchants-brothers Zaitovs.

Ahmat-Shakir Zaitov. A merchant of second guild.

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