History of the new Russian aristocracy: Kaidanov-Olhins

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Kalinichev A.A.

History of the new Russian aristocracy: Kaidanov-Olhins


The author studies the history of the Kaidanov-Olhins family ? the family which became a bright example of the social mobility of the lowers estates' representatives that were descended from different nationalities: Karelians, Russians and Ukrainians. They received a hereditary nobility through the Tables of ranks made by Peter I. Being a supplier for the strategically important for Russia Sestroretsk arms factory A.V. Olhin, an Olonets merchant, became a nobleman. Children from its marriage with E.N. Platt occupied high posts in the Russian army and state service. After death of her spouse E.N. Olhina married J.K.Kaidanov. He, despite of being a son of a Ukrainian sexton, got a medical education and became a professor. For his outstanding scientific work, teaching and struggle with epidemics J.K. Kaidanov became a nobleman. Having accepted the European revolutionary ideas A.V. Olhin' grandson Alexander got involved into the revolutionary propaganda and was banished to Siberia. The Russian October revolution led to emigration of several members of the family.


Kaidanov, Olhin, Ingermanland, Valkeasaari, social mobility, geneology, nobles.

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