Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich and accession of Priamurye and Primorye to Russia

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Sinichenko V.V.

Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich and accession of Priamurye and Primorye to Russia


At the heart of article are used Alexander's II published correspondence and his brother Konstantin Nikolaevich for 1857-1861 and the Diary of grand duke Konstantin Nikolaevich for the same period. The grand duke, since the childhood intended for sea service, in 1853 became general aide-de-camp and headed Sea department. The extraordinary politician, played a big role not only in serfdom cancellation in Russia, but also in the solution of its tasks on the international scene. So, grand duke Konstantin Nikolaevich fixedly followed the developments in the Far East in the 50th of the XIX century. Down the river Cupid, settling of the Ussuri Territory, diplomatic mission of vitsk-admiral E.V.Putyatin to China – about all this with interesting details and details there is a speech registration of boundary territorial delimitation in correspondence and Konstantin Nikolaevich's diary.


Source, Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich, Amur, Chinese affairs, E.V. Putyatin's mission, Ussuri, sea ministry, Kyakhta, Russian-Chinese trade, Aygunsky contract, diplomacy

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