The present day status of technotrone archive and source studies: problems and priorities

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Magidov V.M., Moscow, Russian Federation

The present day status of technotrone archive and source studies: problems and priorities


The article addresses some of the currently important problems of archive and source study that are raised in the present-day literature on the subject. The main focus is on the scientific and pedagogical priorities viewed through the achievements of the History and Archive Institute at the Russian State University of Humanities. The paper formulates the problems that have to be widely discussed both in the scientific literature and at various conferences and seminars. These are: the need for a deeper penetration into the conceptual aspect of technotrone documents; a whole set of questions, theoretical and practical, concerning the prospects of interdisciplinary and integral research in the field; determining the status of technotrone archive and source studies; overcoming the lack of uniformity in the approaches that characterizes the activity of state and departmental archives specializing in technotrone documents; creating a scientifically grounded reference system for the technotrone documents at the Archive Fund of the Russian Federation; elaborating a research programme to provide the sources for all kinds of work with technotrone documents. Of special interest here are: a thorough systematic analysis of the historiographic heritage in the field of the technotrone document research both in Russia and abroad, as well as the study of the structure and the content plane of technotrone documents of the Archive Fund RF contained in each particular archive. Both are indispensable if we set ourselves as an object to create the information base for historical and other kinds of research..


Technotrone archive studies, technotrone source studies, technotrone document, technotrone documents as a whole complex of historical sources, references for the documents of the Archive Fund RF (the Russian Federation), scientific and pedagogical priorities in the study of technotrone documents, The History-Archive Institute at the Russian State University of Humanities

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