Roshal Lev Moiseevich

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Annatation / Аннотация
Obituary of L.M. Roshal – an eminent archivist, film critic, Professor of the Russian State Humanitarian University (RGGU).
Некролог Л.М. Рошаля – видного архивиста, киноведа, профессора Российского государственного гуманитарного университета (РГГУ).

Keywords / Ключевые слова
Archives, films, Roshal L.M., RGGU, MGIAI. Архивы, кино, Рошаль Л.М., РГГУ, МГИАИ.

On November, 28th 2010 on 75th year of life the professor of historic-archival institute RGGU Lev Moiseevich Roshal - the known expert in the field of a historiography, a source study and an archival science, the oldest teacher of IAI RGGU has died.

Roshal was born on January, 1st 1936. In 1959 it has ended the Moscow state historic-archival institute (MGIAI) and the beginnings in it the activity by the teacher. For many long years works as it have been created unique author's courses. In 1971 L.M. Roshal has protected the master's thesis on a theme «Figurative reflection of the validity in a modern documentary film», and in 1995 - the thesis for a doctor's degree «Art interpretation of the fact as an intrinsic problem of not game cinema».

In 1970th it was the organizer and the leader of film viewings of masterpieces of motion picture arts from meetings Gosfilmofond and the Russian state archive in МGIAI, in 1990th supervised over center of sci-ence RGGU «History and screen culture». Lev Moiseevich was the sam-ple of the Russian intellectual. The modesty, unindifference to associates, deep decency, soft humour - distinguished this remarkable person. Memory of it will for ever remain in our hearts.

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