Actual problems of archival and source study research of photodocuments

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Lanskoy G.N., Moscow, Russian Federation

Actual problems of archival and source study research of photodocuments


The main task of the research is connected with definition of the main problems of work with photo documents as the objects of archival saufeguard and historical sources. In the first part of the article are shown the questions of etude of photo documents decided in the scientific literature. To them are directed the definition of informational importance of photos as a historical sources and in this occasion the importance of their`s specialized conservation. The existing and needing in decision problems of work with archival photo documents are explicated by the specify of development of contemporary informational space and particularly by the necessity of global access to photo documents of all archives in the world presented the cultural and historical interest. The main of this problems is the adaptation of work of Russian photo archives to international norms and standards. The decision of this problems belongs to such spheres of work with archival photo documents as the safeguard and description of documents. In the same time with normalization exist such archival problems of work with photo documents as the enlarging of number of features of their evaluation and of sources of their collect. The sourcing problems are in continuation of archival problems and include particularly the composition of historical approach to analysis of photo documents with cultural approach and the confirmation of possibility of documentary images to fix precisely only the fragments of reality, but not historical events in the whole.


Photo documents, archives, archival science, normalization, imaging sources.

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Lanskoy Grigory Nikolayevitch, doctor of historical sciences, Russian State University for Humanities professor, Moscow, Russian Federation, 8-906-768-31-81, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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