Scientific historical yearbook of Belorussia State University “Russian and Slavic researches”

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Аннотация / Annotation
В статье представлена характеристика основных направлений редакционной деятельности научного исторического ежегодника «Российские и славянские исследования», включенного в Перечень ВАК Республики Беларусь.
In this article description of editorial activity main directions of scientific historical yearbook “Russian and Slavic researches” is present-ed. This yearbook is included in Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus.

Ключевые слова / Keywords
Источниковедение, историография, архивный документ, «Российские и славянские исследования», исторический факультет Белорусского государственного университета (БГУ), славистика, русистика. Source study, historiography, archival document, “Russian and Slavic researches”, historical faculty of Belarussia State University (BGU), Slavistics, Russian studies.

The first “Russian and Slavic researches” yearbook was released on 2004. For short history of it being this collection become a first in Belorussia special Slavistics science periodical. The idea of two departments of Belorussia State University historical faculty – department of Russian history and department of south and west Slavs history – was realized in five issues of yearbook.

The full researches of Russian history, south and west Slavs history started to be carried out in 1921, when the Belorussia State University was founded. Belorussian historian was thinking that it is necessary to research the all-Russian and all-Slavic history, as directions, that make it possible to deep understanding of national history features and all-civilization components. In the Republic of Belarus began Russian studies and Slavistics researches formation. And finally arose the urgent necessity in big scientific journal. That journal must be focused on the Russian and Slavic problems. Editorial staff tried to raise of the published materials quality and worked at structure, form and design of publications.

Editorial staff collective of “Russian and Slavic researches”
From left to right:
Yanovsky Oleg Antonovich (candidate of historical sciences, professor),
Salkov Anatoly Petrovich (candidate of historical sciences, associate professor),
Menkovsky Vyacheslav Ivanovich (doctor of historical sciences, professor)

Traditionally every issue of yearbook has the key theme. So, the second issue is about the south Slavics and the Montenegro. The third issue is about Francysk Skaryna. The fourth issue is about education history in Belorussia and Croatia. The fifth is about USSR history. Any specialist in history can find in our journal possibility to publication material, that is the most original on form and content. Structure of journal is very opportune for this. This must be long articles or short information and publications; historical portraits; source study and historiography analysis; scientific criticism or bibliographic description. Editorial staff with gratitude takes the letters with offers and criticism. For operative connection with yearbook “Russian and Slavic researches” the electronic site is created: We aspire to be open; we with understanding treat creative plans of our colleagues and are always interested in cooperation.

Editorial staff

of Scientific historical yearbook

“Russian and Slavic researches”

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