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31 “Concerning the Recently Notorious Issue of Rejuvenation”: Geneticist Yuri Filipchenco’s Letter to the Director of the Institute of Experimental Biology, Nikolai Koltsov (August 29, 1923) Sliskova, Valeria V. 394
32 “Be as It May, but the Judicial Reform Will Soon Emerge”: An Unknown Source on the Preparation of the Judicial Reform of 1864 in the Russian Empire Legkiy, Dmitriy M. 397
33 Report of the Brigadier A. Veterani to the Emperor Peter I: A New Document on the Expedition of Russian Troops to the Village of Endirei in Dagestan (1722) Magaramov, Sharafetdin A. 359
34 Unknown Documents on the History of the February Revolution of 1917 and the Circumstances of the Abdication of Nicholas II Mark A. Knyazev 334
35 “Will Be Arranged by His Imperial Majesty's Decree”: The Little Russian Collegium’s Responses to A. D. Menshikov: November – December 1722 Yakov A. Lazarev 355
36 N. I. Levitsky’s Letter to A. I. Lysakovsky about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Representatives in the Petrograd Military Censorship Commission (1916) Igor K. Bogomolov 373
37 “Send Us Some Guns and Grenades ...”: Appeal of Young Ukrainian Nationalists from Siberia to Their Confederates from the OUN–UPA in Ukraine in 1950 Sushko A. V., Petin D. I. 1798
38 “He Who Survives This War, Will Be Forever Happy and Free ...” Front-Line Diary of the Hero of the Soviet Union V. B. Borsoev as a Source on the History of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45 Butit Ts. Zhalsanova, Leonid V. Kuras 377
39 Analysis of the Previously Unknown Estampage of the Tonuquq Inscription Found in the Kyakhta Museum of Local Lore of Academician V. A. Obruchev Vladimir V. Tishin 377
40 “The Summary of Life, or the Long Paradox”: From Memoirs of the Repressed Scientist V. V. Grechukhin Tatyana P. Filippova, Svetlana A. Simakova 403