Publication of archival documents

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21 Catherine II and the Romanovs in her “Memoires” Safonov M.M. 309
22 Sources about Russian bells and bell casting under first Romanovs Bondarenko A.F. 337
23 «Local terror» in Russia in 1905–1907: people and their fortunes (On archive documents of Kursk region) Кирилл 316
24 Archive funds on history of emigration from Russia. Source study aspect Pronin A.A. 318
25 From history of the House of Romanov cinema collection storage and research (1896–1916). On documents of Russian State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents Malysheva G.E. 367
26 Florovskys – Popruzhenko. Family history. 1840–1880’s. On K.V. Florovskaya's «memoirs» Lapteva T.N. 307
27 “Vyatka is ended, the golden day is ended”. The Vyatka exile of the members of the Romanov House in april, 1918: reconstruction Markelov A.V. 340
28 From formation and development history of archives in Khabarovsk krai in 1923–2013 Saleeva L.V. 331
29 “Survey of F. P. Litke’s Papers Collection Stored in the Central State Archive of Ancient Acts” Compiled by the Historian and Archivist V. L. Bushueva: 1946–48 Pivovarov, Evgeny G., Skrydlov, Andrey Yu. 334
30 Anti-Soviet Organizations and Groups in the Omsk Region in 1927: Report of the Omsk Regional OGPU Department to Local Party Leadership Sushko, Aleksey V. 436