Publication of archival documents

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61 An archival investigation case of military researcher A.A. Svechin in 1931–1932 Ganin A.V. 575
62 Omsk chief of police orders as a source of history fight with police corruption in the early of 20th century Кирилл 575
63 The last Russian emperor in church administrative department: about appointment of deaconess status to Marfo-Mariinsky Convent sisters Hegumen Damaskin (Orlovskiy) 625
64 Documents of the case Khionia Guseva attempt on Grigoriy Rasputin in 1914 Borodina G.Yu. 693
65 General Morand report about battle at Moscow River on 5–7th September 1812 Gorshkov D.I. 672
66 The Belarusian addresses of the Russian historian and archivist A.F. Izyumov. First half of the 20th century Shumeiko M.F. 624
67 Judicial and investigatory case of celibate priest Makariy (Telegin) as source of personal information. 1922 Hegumen Damaskin (Orlovskiy) 745
68 Trotsky efforts for ex-generals M.M. Zagyu and S.M. Yazykov release (1919) Ganin A.V. 771
69 “Christianity failed”, “The way of salvation”. Fragments of M.O. Menshikov’s diary in 1917 Orlov A.S. 818
70 Sources about audit of the Smolensk diocese of 1907 and resignation of bishop Smolensk Peter (Drugov) Kail M.V. 821