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51 “The Summary of Life, or the Long Paradox”: From Memoirs of the Repressed Scientist V. V. Grechukhin Tatyana P. Filippova, Svetlana A. Simakova 544
52 The Testimony of the Russian Consul in Koenigsberg Zinovii M. Polyanovsky about His Stay in German Captivity (1914-15) Igor K. Bogomolov 599
53 The Journey Begins: Letter from Vasily Struve to Mikhail Rostovtzev of 25 May 1914 Ivan A. Ladynin 583
54 “Our Trip to the Island Should Be as Secure as Possible”: G. D. Krasinsky's Contribution to the Establishment of the Sovereignty of the USSR over the Wrangel Island in 1921–26 Evgeniy V. Bey 577
55 The Order of the Chief Trustee of the Kalmyk People V. A. Bashkirov on Records Management Procedure in the Department for the Kalmyk People (1892) Irina V. Lidzhieva 587
56 The Nazi Madagascar Plan in Hitler’s Agenda Boris L. Khavkin 660
57 Minutes of the Interdepartmental Commission of the Russian Government on Release of 1,000,000 Rubles for the Repair the Episcopal House in Irkustk (1919) Aleksandr V. Sukhanov, Lyudmila A. Lykova 563
58 “The Question of Reinforcing Colonization of the Amur Region Ended in a Single Attempt”: From the Note of the Qualified Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture N. K. Schuman (1916) Andrei A. Ivanov 667
59 “Do Not Allow Common People ... to Saunter Abroad without Purpose Year on Year”: The Privy Councillor A. I. Temnitsky’s Note on Russian Pilgrims (1910) Mikhail S. Shapovalov, Dzmitry L. Shevelev 638
60 New Information on the History of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing: From Correspondence of the Head of the XV Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing, Archimandrite Palladius with the Envoy of the Russian Empire in China, Eugene K. Butsov Andrei M. Kulikov 638